Kombu… was ?
A sparkling tea.
Kombucha is a fresh and slightly tart tea beverage, enhanced by the hard work of a symbiotic culture of microorganisms and yeasts. This ingenious natural fermentation process allows for a wide range of flavors to develop, giving Kombucha its unique characteristics that we love so much.
Kombucha is to tea what wine is to grape, what cider is to apple – without alcohol… !

Kombu…why ?
First, because it’s damn good.
Then, because it is made with the finest organic ingredients and has amazing properties thanks to its many organic acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Many people around the world drink it for its health properties. We drink it mostly because it’s freaking delicious. Kombucha has been around for some time, yet Urban Kombucha provides us with a new healthy way to quench our thirst… Cheers to wellness!

Zitronengras & Hibiskus
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